When you choose Delicate Utility, you choose top-quality leather items that are constructed with hand-made finesse and a profound attention to detail. Finding the perfect balance between durability and beautiful design is at the core of our approach, and in pursuit of that, we create each piece by hand from start to finish. What you can expect when you receive a Delicate Utility item is something that will withstand all forms of daily use with grace – a product whose rugged and refined character is designed not merely to last, but to grow richer with age.


Founded in New York in 2011 and based in Los Angeles since 2014, we are a family business through and through, and we approach each step of the process as artisans whose greatest joy comes in creating pieces that enrich through both their beauty and their function. Whether you are ordering a sample check presenter or 200 menu covers, you can count on the same patient craftsmanship, luscious materials, and consistent customer service with a warm personal touch. We want each of our products to fulfill a unique need, and love nothing more than collaborating with our clients to create the perfect item. Whether you intend something for personal or business use, we at Delicate Utility want to work with you to craft a truly unique and personal experience.


A Selection of Our Clients include:

by Flynn McGarry

tools of creativity
attention to details
human pace